Vision of Leuven Chiefs

Chiefs Leuven aims to grow as a club investing as soon as possible in children to love and enjoy the ice hockey sport. Of course, it is about fun, coaching , learning , becoming a hockey player but this can only be achieved with giving perspective, i.e. having a future dream for each one of them becoming a player of the first team or even the Belgian national team. Chiefs Leuven is convinced that with a focus on growth and giving a future and perspective to our youngsters, not only the club will growth in number but the ice hockey sport in general. 
This vision can only be achieved if we have the right values. A lot of values are right but for Chiefs the focus is on 

◦Passion: We love our sport and its environment; We share our experiences 

◦Equality: We are proud that everybody can have a place in ice hockey and racism or any other kind of intolerance will not be accepted

◦Team spirit: There is no I in TEAM. Hockey is a team sport and as a team player we aim to get the whole team to the highest level

◦Respect: Volunteers are devoting there often sparse free time to the club. We treat them with respect as we treat any other person with respect. Chiefs Leuven keeps this as a high standard on and off the ice.