Onze strategie

◦Get our sport better known under the broader public.
        A marcom role is a crucial role to get the word out in the right time to the right people and the right format. 

◦Accessibility to our sport should be a priority and only by growing in numbers we will also grow in financial health.
◦Sponsoring is a necessity for the survival of a club. Only basing the activities on the budget of the enrollment fee will not cut it.
◦Update the sponsorbook and write out the benefit of sponsoring a youth team à aim should be that all jerseys of each youth team can be bought by sponsor money so each child can be proud to wear its own jersey with his/her name on
◦Look for a volunteer in this domain with the right motivation to support this.
◦Sponsor first team --> Difficult but not undoable to find a main sponsor in line with what other clubs achieve.

◦Have a win/win dialog with our rink owner.
Without an ice rink we cannot play hockey. Invest in a good relationship so that both Rink and club can grow

◦Do not neglect the bond with figure skating.
Also, they have a need for a rink and with two you can obtain more than alone

◦Continue the good relationship with the city.
Invest in this network so also the city can help to give more visibility to our sport

◦Build out a fanbase that is noticeable. More supporters draw more supporters.